Meet the New Dynamo Tilt Coupler

Meet hte new Dynamo Tilt Coupler

Meet the New Dynamo Tilt Coupler

If you own or operate a mini-digger, then we’ve got BIG news for you!

The new Robur Dynamo Tilt coupler is here, and to say we’re excited about this product is an understatement. The Dynamo is the toughest, most compact tilt coupler on the market and has been designed specifically to work with your mini digger.
Our engineers have spent a number of years developing, testing and refining the design of this mini tilt coupler and the end result is a tough, reliable coupler that will tilt ALL of your attachments through a full 90o range.
The narrow profile of the Dynamo makes this coupler perfect for trenching, working in tight locations, or indeed any job really! It has also been designed to be squat, meaning the tip radius of a Dynamo and wide bucket set up is much less than that of a drawpin coupler and tilt bucket set up. This improves breakout force and the overall performance of your digger.

When you are operating a mini digger, the weight on the end of the boom is an important consideration. With that in mind, our Dynamo Tilt couplers are light, while maintaining the strength and reliability you require. At a low 35kg, these really are the lightest tilt coupler on the market!

The Dynamo provides a fantastic alternative to the traditional tilt bucket that most mini diggers have been operating, with the added benefit of being able to tilt any attachment. It’s easy to change your attachment with the drawpin coupler – simply remove the drawpin to release the attachment and then reinsert the drawpin to lock your new attachment on securely.
The powerful twin-ram design will hold the tilt angle in all types of digging conditions. The tilting action gives the operator a range of movement, helping them work more efficiently around utilities and obstructions, and therefore less repositioning of the digger is needed.

The rams are well protected within the coupler, minimising the risk of damage. Our unique, patented design includes additional cushioning around the rams and means any impact forces from the attachment are significantly reduced. This cushioning and reduced impact also minimises wear and tear on your machine. Thanks to this design, the Dynamo can safely be used with a rock breaker giving you maximum versatility.

The hoses and fittings are all secured within the Dynamo coupler and do not protrude or get in the way when in use, preventing the damage that can occur with a traditional tilt bucket. And if you want to change attachments, it’s a quick process with no need to detach or reattach hoses.

As with all Robur couplers, the Dynamo Tilt coupler is supplied with a rated lifting eye and comes with our robust 24-month warranty that covers more than just the chassis of the attachment.

The Robur Dynamo tilt coupler is available now to suit most mini excavator models from 1-1.9T. Contact the sales team today for more information or to get your hands on the toughest tiny tilt coupler on the market.