Maxi-Reach Extension Arm

The ROBUR EXCLUSIVE Maxi-Reach Extension Arm is ideal for: Dam Cleaning, Dredging, Draining Swamps, High Tree Work, Demolition


The ROBUR Maxi-Reach Extension Arm is a simple, clip on attachment that transforms a standard excavator into a long reach machine.
With a variety of sizes to suit machines from 6 to 30 tonnes this easy to fit arm is a unique product found exclusively in the Robur range.

Fitting the arm is easy and once fitted it’s easy to control.

ROBUR Maxi-Reach is suited to a multitude of different operations and allows you to tackle projects that would have previously required a long-reach excavator.

It’s the ultimate attachment for operators who have a long reach job to do but don’t want to outlay the money for a long-reach excavator.


Benefits of ROBUR MAXI-Reach:

• Make your machine more versatile
• Get work done that you couldn’t do with a standard machine
• Use the Maxi-Reach arm on more than one machine
• Safer working distances
• Make better returns on your machine