Stick Rake

The Robur Stick Rake is the ultimate attachment for land clearing, rock sorting, recycling and loading. Our rakes are made from high quality steel meaning they will handle the rough treatment stick rakes are expected to endure.
Stick Rakes allow you to remove vegetation but leave the soil behind, and the shape is designed to allow the operator to easily scoop up materials.

You can use the rake for raking up loose stone and shifting rock from soil piles. When raking scrub or gorse the bisalloy 400 tips will pluck out the roots leaving the ground clean and tidy.

The Robur Stick Rake can easily be turned around and used in reverse. In addition, the flat base is perfect for leaving behind level ground, and it has bisalloy 400 tips and profile cut Hardox teeth to ensure it’s tough enough for any job.

If you hire this attachment and like it so much you would like to purchase it, please contact us to discuss our hire rebate scheme and pricing options.


4 - 5.9 ton

6 - 9.9 ton

10 - 14.9 ton

15 - 23.9 ton

24+ ton

If you are looking for an attachment to fit an excavator outside of these sizes, please get in touch as we are continually adding to our range and will likely be able to help.