Excavator Mulcher

Our Hydraulic Mulcher is specially designed to shred pruned branches, small trees and debris from tree-felling and scrub clearance.

It can be mounted onto a range of excavator models and sizes, and is equipped with a rotor with 360º (3 rows). The special positioning of the hammers on the rotor produces very fine shredding. The shredded material can then be evenly spread over the terrain. Skid runners for height adjustment. Manually controlled hinged hood. Very solid and sturdily built.

If you hire this attachment and like it so much you would like to purchase it, please contact us to discuss our hire rebate scheme and pricing options.


10 - 14.9 ton

15 - 23.9 ton

If you are looking for an attachment to fit an excavator outside of these sizes, please get in touch as we are continually adding to our range and will likely be able to help.