Get more from your attachments

Robur Cutting Edge

Get more from your attachments

Improve the performance and lifespan of your attachments by carrying out regular maintenance and checks

If you don’t carry out regular checks and maintenance, then you run the risk of breakdowns, and unwanted downtime.

Before Use

  • Read the operation manual
  • Ensure the attachment is appropriate size for your excavator


  • Grease all grease points
  • Complete a visual check of the body of the attachment and any hoses, fittings and cylinders. This can help identify any damage or wear before use and prevent it being made worse.
  • Check all pins for tightness
  • Check attachment pins for wear. Wear should not exceed 0.8mm, if needed replace pins immediately
  • Check all “ground engaging tools”. Check that all bucket teeth, cutting edges, ripper teeth and blades are all in good condition and fitted securely.
  • Clear away any material build-up
  • Check attachment-specific fluid levels and top up if necessary


  • Tighten bolts of cutting edges, spade frames or other bolt-on parts


  • Check for cracks on pin locations.
  • Check welds for any cracks or stress areas.
  • Visual inspection of lifting eye (on couplers)for damage or excessive wear (Reduction in thickness by 10% or more)
  • Proof load of lifting attachment using certified 6,000 kg test weight in accordance with Section 12 of AS4991:2004.
  • Visual check of wear and movement on coupler hook & slide areas
  • Pressure test hydraulic lines where relevant
  • Pressure test all cylinders & check for leakage.
  • Check low pressure alarm is functional (lower operating pressure of the system)
  • Check all signs, signals and plates are legible and in place
  • Inspection and test of electrical components for damage by competent person.