Chubb Thumb

This is the genuine article. The legendary ROBUR Chubb Thumb is built here in New Zealand and with over 4500 Chubb Thumbs out there doing it every day, this design is well proven and has stood the test of time over the last 40 years. ROBUR Chubb Thumbs are great for picking up rocks or logs when needed. The attachment is easily folded away and locked when not in use. The Chubb Thumb has a unique self-locking system where the cylinder rocks over center so the thumb is hydraulically locked in place by the ram. This holds the thumb neatly in place when not in use, without the need for locking pins meaning the operator does not need to leave the cab of the machine. This ensures the Thumb is always there when needed, saving you time and money. ROBUR offer the option of a Twin Prong Fork to go with your chubb thumb which will fit around the boom allowing you to extend the thumb without damaging your machine.

Robur Chubb Thumb
RCT78 - 10 ton890129093
RCT1211 - 14.9 ton10201475185
RCT1615 - 19.9 ton12111666225
RCT2020 - 30 ton12331753245