Make your mini digger mighty

Make your mini digger mighty

We’re always looking for ways to increase the versatility of our customers machines, and when it comes to mini diggers, they are no exception. In addition, on any day the tasks you need your mini digger to perform can vary widely.

Whether its tight building sites with limited access, or soft swampy ground where a larger digger would be too heavy, there is no substitute for a compact mini digger set up with the right attachments.

We’re now spoilt for choice with the range of attachments that are available to fit excavators down to 1 Ton. From tilting hitches and tilting buckets to spades and more specialist attachments, Robur Attachments range for smaller diggers has proven itself time and time again, and the range continues to grow.

By adding a coupler to your mini digger, it makes it easier to change from one attachment to the next, and complete multiple jobs in less time. For a low-cost solution for your smallest excavators, the Robur draw-pin coupler is ideal – it’s simple to change attachments by simply removing the rear pin.

However tilting hitches are becoming the hitch of choice for many operators, and it’s easy to understand why. Being able to tilt any of your attachments increases your versatility, making it easier to complete many jobs. The Robur Power Tilt Coupler is available to fit excavators down as small as 1T. For maximum tilting – up to 180o – you can’t go past the Power Tilt. The tilt actuator allows the operator to tilt any attachment, and the narrow design makes this the perfect option for trench work. For excavators from 3T an upwards, the fully hydraulic Robur Double Lock Tilt Coupler is an excellent option. Being a fully hydraulic coupler, the Double Lock Tilt Coupler allows the operator to easily swap attachments without the need to leave the cab, saving time and effort.

No matter what job you are working on, from digging and earthworks to lifting and moving material, having the right attachments can help maximise your number of jobs and improve efficiency. Choose from a variety of buckets according to the job – keeping in mind the volume you want to dig, and the material you are digging. Robur has recently added a Shallow Sided Spade to our range. It makes trenching in sticky material a breeze, comes in a variety of widths and is perfect for use with all mini diggers.

And there are more than just buckets available for mini diggers. For landscaping, jobs, a clamp bucket is a fantastic option as you can dig soil, move rocks and wood, and carry out finishing work with a single attachment. Or adding a mini thumb to your digger is a popular choice to allow you to easily grab and move items, and it then folds flat against the dipper arm when not in use.

The right choice of attachment can really make your mini digger more useful and maximise the return on your investment.
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First published in Deals on Wheel magazine issue 335