Introducing the new Dyna Couplers

Introducing the new Dyna Couplers

We’ve got some exciting news to share! We’ve given our coupler range a makeover and rebranded to a name that better reflects these hardworking, reliable, and powerful attachments. Meet the Dyna-Coupler range.

Tilt buckets used to be the go-to solution, but recently we’ve seen a big shift and around 70% of new excavators being sold in New Zealand are now fitted with a tilting coupler. If you are looking for coupler, then our Dyna range has something for everyone. They’re available to fit excavators from one to 50 tonnes, and there’s price range to fit most budgets.

“Dyna means ‘power’, and as in the case of ‘dynamic’, it’s full of energy, power, and motion. This describes our couplers perfectly. They are built tough, from high-quality steel and components, and have reliable power to attach any attachment securely, and the tilting couplers will hold their tilt angle even in the toughest of digging conditions.

DynaTough Tilt Coupler

The DynaTough is a twin-ram tilting coupler. The two rams allow tilt action up to 45 degrees in either direction. The squat design maximises the breakout force, and hydraulic hoses are well protected within the coupler, so there’s minimal risk of damage even when tackling the rough stuff. The DynaTough is also the only tilt coupler on the
market that can safely be used with a rock breaker with no risk of premature wear or damage to the internal components.

DynaMax Tilt Coupler

The DynaMax provides a maximum tilt (thanks to the helical tilt actuator) of up to 90 degrees in either direction. The narrow design makes the coupler an ideal choice for trenching or working in confined spaces, and all hoses and fittings are well protected within the coupler. The high torque actuator offers maximum power and holding force and a smooth precise tilt.

DynaGrip Coupler

The DynaGrip coupler is our double-locking, non-tilting quick coupler. It’s the same premium quick-hitch base as the other couplers with multi-fit and is designed to grip tight to any attachment, holding it safe and secure. The DynaGrip Coupler is available to suit excavators from two to 50 tonnes.

All Robur Hydraulic couplers are compliant with current and proposed NZ and Australian safety standards. You can be confident your team are safe, and your attachments are secure.

Robur hydraulic couplers have been designed with an option to operate at pilot pressure, meaning on excavators with a low-pressure hitch pilot circuit you can use this to operate the coupler without compromising safety or functionality.  This saves time and money through not needing to adapt the existing hydraulics.

While the Dyna-coupler name might be new, the actual attachments have been around for many years, proven as the
toughest in the field, time after time. We know they get the job done and having sold thousands of couplers over the years. We know our customers also agree.

Stay tuned for more Dyna couplers to join the family soon.