Tree Shear

Our tree shear is an awesome attachment for cutting and clearing trees, branches and poles. The wide opening jaw makes it easy to use and get in position, while the curved guides and spikes help ensure it is gripped securely and safely.

The powerful hydraulic ram and the hardox cutting edge cut through large trees and branches with ease. The cut log can then be carefully removed, which is ideal when working in confined spaces or residential areas where you don’t want trees falling and causing damage.

For orchards, shelter belts, or residential pruning and maintenance, a tree shear makes the job easy. It can be fitted to a wide range of diggers from 10T – 24T and is simple to attach and use.

If you hire this attachment and like it so much you would like to purchase it, please contact us to discuss our hire rebate scheme and pricing options.


10 - 14.9 ton

15-23.9 ton

If you are looking for an attachment to fit an excavator outside of these sizes, please get in touch as we are continually adding to our range and will likely be able to help.