Tilt Bucket

For digging jobs, you can’t go past Robur’s premium tilt bucket. It’s the ultimate attachment for shaping and finishing work!

Features two large hydraulic cylinders that allow 45 degrees of tilt in both directions for accurate cutting. The single acting displacement cylinders are made to last, with fewer seals and moving parts than other types, and the ram spears are induction hardened so they can withstand impact and wear.

If you hire this attachment and like it so much you would like to purchase it, please contact us to discuss our hire rebate scheme and pricing options.


1 -2.9 ton

3 - 3.9 ton

4 - 5.9 ton

6 - 9.9 ton

10 - 14.9 ton

15 - 23.9 ton

If you are looking for an attachment to fit an excavator outside of these sizes, please get in touch as we are continually adding to our range and will likely be able to help.