Hero of the Month – Wayne Porteous

Hero of the Month Wayne Porteous

Hero of the Month – Wayne Porteous

August 2022

Wayne Porteous from Easy Hire in Northland was one of the earliest customers for the Robur Hygrab, so we were keen to follow up with him and hear his thoughts on the Hygrab after using it for a few months.

Wayne recently purchased a Yanmar Vi017 from TDX to carry out work on lifestyle blocks, and land clearing sections for development. Faced with a variety of different tasks, Wayne wanted to make sure his digger attachments were suitable for all tasks, from digging stumps, moving rocks and trees, clearing scrub, and stacking logs and other materials.

After hearing about the Robur Hygrab, he was keen to get one set up on his new machine as it sounded like it would tick all the boxes. And he hasn’t been disappointed.

One of the key requirements for Wayne with his new set up was size. As well as clearing larger open spaces, the digger also had to be able to access smaller properties where there’s not always a lot of room. The Yanmar Vi017 was a great choice with its retractable track frame, meaning it fits through gaps of less than 1m but still has all the power and functionality to get the work done. Traditionally a clamp bucket would be too big or heavy to use on a digger of this size, however thanks to the significantly lower weight of the Hygrab, it can be operated on mini diggers down to 1T.

“It’s been absolutely awesome” say Wayne when talking about the Hygrab. “I’ve been blown away how great it is to use, and it’s been strong for the size and efficient to operate”. The Hygrab has also performed well when used to tear up an old concrete slab “The Hygrab made it easy to lift and break the concrete, then pick up the large chunks and move them, and it could all be done from a safe distance”.

“I’d highly recommend the Robur Hygrab” adds Wayne. “It’s well engineered, it’s a great size and weight for the smaller digger, and it works well for all sorts of jobs”.

Visit https://robur.co.nz/hygrab/ for more.