Hero of the Month – ProMain Drainage

ProMain Drainage

Hero of the Month – ProMain Drainage

June 2022

We’re kicking off a new feature this month, where we take a look at some of our customers and their businesses. It’s a great opportunity to showcase some of the great talent and businesses we have in the earthmoving community and of course, their favourite attachments!

Our very first “Hero of the Month” is Frank Tobia from ProMain Drainage in Auckland.

Promain Drainage have 3 excavators in their fleet ranging from a 14T up to 23.5T. When owner Frank Tobia purchased his latest digger, he knew what he wanted when it came to attachments. “Having used a few different attachments previously, I knew I wanted a Robur Tilt Coupler and Bucket for the new digger”. They are just built to a better standard than so many of the other attachments available”.

ProMain Drainage, as the name suggests, work mainly on drainage projects. The narrow profile of the Robur DynaMax Tilt Coupler is great for this type of work, as you don’t have to dig a wide trench to accomodate the coupler. It also offers a tilt range of 90 degrees each way, so is very versatile.

Frank has been using the DynaMax-wide bucket combo now for a few months so we were keen to find out what he thought. “These attachments work well, and have been tough and reliable, which is what you want from your attachments” And would he buy them again? “Definitely – I’ve been very happy with Robur and their attachments so would buy from them again”.