Hero of the Month – Cowley’s Hire

Cowleys hire diggers with Dynamo tilt couplers

Hero of the Month – Cowley’s Hire

January 2023

We’re excited to share the first “Hero of the Month” for 2023 – Cowley’s Hire in Northland.
The sign on their roof says “wea’v got it all” (and that’s not a typo), and they really do! From trucks and trailers, home handyman tools, access equipment and earthmoving gear, Cowley’s have been hiring industrial equipment for over 60 years.

Cowley’s recently added 3 new SK17 mini diggers to their hire fleet, and when it came to attachments they opted to fit them all with a Robur Dynamo tilt coupler and wide bucket set up. We caught up with George Jarrett from Cowley’s recently to see how the new attachments were going.

It’s great to talk to our customers about why they buy from Robur. “We’ve known Garry (Jackison, from Robur) for a long time. He understands our business and he recommended the Robur Dynamo couplers for these machines, and we were keen to go with them”.

Being able to put a tilting coupler on their 1.7T diggers means the operators can tilt any attachments up to 90 degrees – an awesome benefit for a hire digger which needs to be versatile and carry out a huge variety of jobs. As well as the tilt function, George said they were really impressed with the light weight of the Dynamo. It’s super compact, and a lot lighter than the alternatives.

After a couple of months of use, how have the new diggers and attachments been going? “They’ve been great, and we’ve had no complaints. We send them out on hire regularly, and they get the job done.” The diggers are supplied with a selection of buckets depending on the job, and the Dynamo coupler makes it easy to swap buckets. And the attachments are reliable, and Cowley’s like the simple design. “If the attachments can handle the hire industry, they can handle anything – hire equipment has a hard life”.

Thanks to the team at Cowley’s Hire, we look forward to working with you again soon.