Draw Pin Coupler

The ROBUR Draw Pin Coupler is constructed from high-grade steel for exceptional strength and durability and is engineered to ensure faultless performance. The unique design eliminates the need for moving parts which reduces wear and tear and extends the life of your ROBUR Draw Pin Coupler. This is an entry level, draw pin quick hitch that allows you to quickly change a bucket by removing the rear pin. Easy to use, strong and reliable.

  • Constructed from high-grade steel and engineered to ensure faultless performance
  • Eliminates the need for moving parts, reducing wear and tear
  • Entry level, draw pin quick hitch
  • Easy to use, strong and reliable
  • Rated lifting eye
  • Manual draw pin
  • Durable construction
Product CodeMachine SizePin DiameterMass
RDPC11 - 1.9T25-30mm16kg