Maxbrio Vibrating Ripper

Maxbrio Vibrating Ripper

The Vibrating ripper is 50% quieter than standard rock-breaker/hammer.

In most applications, the vibrating ripper will more than double productivity compared to a rock-breaker/hammer.

Because of the rotary motion operating costs and R&M are reduced.

Under water applications. The Maxibrio ripper is able to work fully submerged.

Protection of carrier excavator. The unique shock absorber systems eliminate shock being transferred to the carrier machine.

Constant run. Eliminate damage from blank firing, with the rotary motion the Maxibrio  Vibro ripper can run continuality.

Save on blasting and explosive costs. The Maxbrio ripper can easily rip material up to a hardness of 70 mpa.

High frequency vibration of 2500vpm for maximum performance.

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