Is this the SAFEST Excavator Quick Coupler in NZ?

Is this the SAFEST Excavator Quick Coupler in NZ?

Hydraulic Triple Loc.k Quick Coupler

In life we often tend to overcomplicate things, sometimes with little or no gain. When it comes to excavator attachments we believe simple is best. The Robur triple lock quick hitch features a simple, fool proof design with minimal moving parts and a super tough construction that works in any environment. That’s why we believe it’s the safest on the market.

100% safer, 100% user friendly,100% quality

What do you look for when choosing a hydraulic coupler? We know the necessities: ease of operation, strength and compliance… But do you also need longevity? Do you look for a hands-free, fully-automated locking system? Had you considered the level of secure locking that comes with your excavator coupler? This is where Robur comes into the picture. We’ve come up with a quick hitch design that has a number of features that go above and beyond what kiwi excavator operators have traditionally looked for: and the result? A safer hitch with faster operation and more reliable results. Every time. Take a look at these features, and you’ll see why more operators recommend Robur’s Hydraulic Triple Lock Quick Coupler.


  1. Triple locking mechanism. Robur has engineered this excavator quick hitch with an ingenious (yet simple) triple locking mechanism. This coupler features a front lock, back lock and the ‘dead lock’. The locks are independent of each other, so that if one lock is to fail, you have the safety backup of the other locks. For extra safety, the jaw locks in two different ways and it’s even spring loaded to hold the ram lock in place.
  2. Fully automated – hands-free attachment and removal. With this coupler, digger operators can attach and remove attachments all from the safety of their cab. This doesn’t just mean less down time, it’s also a more efficient and safer environment for the operator.
  3. Low maintenance. The hitch has no grease or lubrication points. That saves having to spend time every day greasing the coupler, just to keep your machine running smoothly.
  4. Visual indicator. The Robur quick hitch has an easy-to-see indicator which is visible from the cab, allowing the operator to confirm the locking mechanism is in place.
  5. Maximum breakout force. The Robur triple lock quick hitch has a very low profile, or ‘squat design’, meaning the break out force is maintained to the maximum.
  6. Protected components. The hydraulic cylinder, spring and locking devises are well protected within a steel cover. This eliminates damage if dirt or other materials get into the coupler zone. It also ensures the locking devices continue to work in a clean and controlled environment.
  7. Less moving parts. The Robur triple lock quick hitch is made up of only 5 main components. Less moving parts means there’s less to go wrong!
  8. Come in and see the difference for yourself – the Robur Hydraulic Triple Lock Quick Coupler is in a class of it’s own. Contact our team today for more details.