Robur Tilt Coupler

Our Robur Manual Lock Tilt Coupler is the most compact twin cylinder hitch on the market. This hitch is built tough from the outset and will increase the efficiency of your excavator.

Ideal for any shaping or finishing work whilst still offering a stout design to maintain breakout force. The large hydraulic cylinders give the operator 45 degrees of tilt in both directions allowing for accurate cutting of batters and many other applications.

Our Robur Hydraulic Tilt-Hitch has proven popular pretty much anywhere you find an excavator.

• Manufactured from top quality steel and componentry

• Most compact twin cylinder hitch on the market

• 45 degrees tilt in both directions

• Rated lift eye

• Multi pin centre pick up. Pick up a wide range of buckets

• Manual safety locking pin for added security

• Clever design to ensure protection of internal moving parts

• Great value tilt coupler