Power Tilt Quick Coupler

The Robur Power Tilt Quick Coupler features all the same benefits of our Tilt Couplers products but with the added tilt actuator for extended adaptability. Sporting superior tilting function up to 180 degrees, the addition of engineering to the New Zealand designed Robur product range makes this a must have product for many operators.

Featuring a double lock safety system, the Robur Power Tilt Quick Coupler sports a fully automated locking system requiring no manual intervention to release or secure attachments so there’s no need to even leave the cab.

The key safety features of the front lock and the back lock eliminate any possible safety issues found with other couplers.


  • Manufactured from top quality steel and componentry
  • Superior tilting function up to 90 degrees in each direction
  • Fully automated triple lock safety system
  • Key safety features the front lock and the back lock
  • Narrow design
  • Clever design to ensure protection of internal moving parts
  • Meets all current and proposed New Zealand safety standards
  • Multi pin center pick up. Pick up a wide range of buckets
  • Designed for safety, reliability and convenience
  • Pick up attachments in reverse