Multi Coupler

The ROBUR Multi Coupler is a hydraulic coupler constructed from high grade steel for exceptional strength and durability and is engineered to ensure faultless performance.

Our unique design minimises downtime by eliminating the need to remove pins to change buckets.

The large travel range of the rear locking jaw enables the operator to pick up a variety of attachments with different pin diameters and pin centres.

It will even allow you to pick up your attachments in reverse.

The ROBUR Multi Coupler is a reliable piece of kit that has proven how versatile it is again and again.

• Constructed from high-grade steel and engineered to ensure faultless performance

• Design minimises downtime when changing buckets

• Pick up attachments in reverse

• Multi-pin centre pick up

• Lifting eye

• Hydraulic safety check valve

• Manual safety locking pin

• Compact and low profile that’s designed to increase the breakout force

Multi Coupler